About Us


How It All Started

Cane Envy was created to help people feel stylish, confident and empowered.

There is a common theme among those who need to use a cane, of feeling depressed, frustrated and old. It’s time to change that by offering more fashionable options. Thus, Cane Envy was born.

For me, accepting the fact that I needed to use a cane was an enormous struggle in itself!

I looked in the mirror and thought to myself; "who is this new person? Where did that fun, active person I used to be, go?" I felt like people didn’t see me anymore, they just saw a cane.

If you love to have fun with accessories and fashion, Cane Envy Sleeves are for you! Cane Envy lets you regain control of how you feel and look. The variety of sleeves helps you express your personal style as you are no longer limited to a metal cane.

With our growing inventory of high quality fabrics, your Cane Envy Sleeves will be like any other fashion accessory, providing you with confidence and happiness.